Rare newspaper clippings

A wonderful fan kindly sent me her collection of Margaret Lockwood clippings to use as research for my biography of ML. If you click on the images you should be able to read the interviews etc. Margaret is very funny and witty in her responses, I imagine she was a little like Harriet Peterson in real life!

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2 thoughts on “Rare newspaper clippings

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  2. I am interested that you are writing a biography of ML. I am at present reading Hilton TIms’ book. He says very little about ML’s father’s first wife, Jessie Ramsay. Has anyone come across the possibility that there was a child to this first marriage – in other words that ML had another half-brother in addition to Frank – or is this new? (have also posted this query on the facebook page). This relates to something I have come across in researching a book I am writing about the Metcalfe, Day and Lockwood families of Yorkshire and London.

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