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I am excited to share with you the news that my book on Margaret Lockwood, the British film star, will be published by Fantom Films in July. The book has been a labour of love and several years in the making, and it will be released ahead of Margaret’s centenary in September 2016. Although this is a new genre for me, it still fits on the spectrum of British heritage and is very much keeping within the era that I write about. My other forthcoming book, The Mistress of Mayfair: Men, Money and the Marriage of Doris Delevingne, is still on track for a November release.

Margaret Lockwood: Queen of the Silver Screen is available for pre-order.

3 thoughts on “Book News

  1. I have a pair of Margaret Lockwood’s shoes that she wore in a movie – have no idea who to contact. Can you help me?

  2. Hi ,i am wondering if any one would have any information on the were abouts of any of margeret lockwoods relatives about the life she lived in calcutta when she was younger.simply because i have learned that margeret lockwood was my grandmothers godmother ,i would like a bit of feedback on my family from calcutta,they were known as vanmannens

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